Izandla Zobomi is a project of ROKPA International and UNIMA SA that focusses on relief in times of crisis related to Covid 19 in Cape Town, South Africa. Izandla Zobomi- Hands for Life – is a project that supports life through essential nourishment of the body, and creative spirit. 
Izandla Zobomi is run by the South African association for puppetry- UNIMA SA- and made possible by ROKPA International.
The project is based at Indawo Yobom, the ROKPA UNIMA Centre for Life in Makhaza at Folokwe crescent. Izandla Zobomi also reaches community-based puppeteers in need across the greater Cape Town area and as far afield as Worcester.
Izandla Zobomi focusses on three areas of support: 
  • Food parcels for families in need
  • Creative materials, Puppet building manuals, essential stationary and learning support materials for children
  • The establishment of a food garden at Indawo Yobom, Makhaza.
  • Income generation through handcrafted toys and puppets 
The beneficiaries of the project are 100 families. Of these 90 are families from the Makhaza area- 
  • the families of children who attend creche at the centre, 
  • the families of the mama’s group Masizame run by community leader Philile Siegege  
  • families of performing artists who use the centre as a rehearsal space. The youth group artists are co-ordinated by Mandiseli Masetti. 
  • The remaining 11 beneficiaries are puppeteers who are unable to support their families at this time. They are from areas including Delft, Site C,  Zwelithemba (Worcester) and Paarl. 
Summery of references:
Indawo Yobom, 
The ROKPA, UNIMA Centre for Life. This is the name for the centre.
The project is called Izandla Zobomi and includes food parcels, educational and creative materials for children, the food garden at the centre as well as income generating crafts. 
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